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Yesterday I got Erics most recent photos, and he wanted to share it with all of you.  Doesn’t he look great?

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Murder? You be the judge.


A new free ebook by Eric Christopher Miller.

Forget NCIS, people – this sh*t’s for real!!

In 2006, Eric Christopher Miller shot ‘Jamey B’ twice in the head point-blank with deer slugs from a 12-gauge shotgun. However, something was a touch… odd… about this brutal ‘murder.’ Read here his graphically explicit interrogation verbatim, and ask yourself – was this really murder?

The book is available for free on Smashwords: Murder? You be the judge.

If anyone wants to share their thoughts on the book we have created a forum which can be found here: forum


The End of Random Violence


By Eric Christopher Miller, author and convicted murderer

To end or at least lessen acts of extreme and ‘random’ violence, we must, in my opinion (based on personal experience), remove the fame from infamy. The fame a hurting man gets from his heinous acts is what gives him his satisfaction of ‘getting back at the world.’ It’s how he makes his statement. So then, we’re left with the task of keeping this fame from him. How can we do it? One. Forget the names of those who have committed these atrocities. Or ‘Hall of Shame’ them, if nothing else. The fact that most everyone knows who John Wilkes Booth and James Earl Ray are is a problem, not to mention terms like ‘The Una-Bomber’ and ‘Craig’s List Killer.’ However, I do understand that forgetting these people existed is as truly impossible as ridding the body of a horrible scar. And that in the end Hall of Shaming a person is a losing battle as well because there will be those eager just to make the list. Infamy is still a form of fame. So… Two. We must go back a step further. We must teach society (and especially our young) that HARMING INNOCENT PEOPLE IS WEAK AND SHAMEFUL. It degrades a person, makes them worthless in the eyes of all mankind. Not famous. Not feared. Not respected. Just disgusting. If this is hardwired in, it will immediately surface during the planning phase of atrocities-to-come. Even our personal anger and pain CANNOT fully overpower things hardwired into our brains, especially as children. A mental warning, planted well in advance, could very well head off ‘random’ acts of violence. Of course, I do realize that this ‘solution’ will merely RE-ROUTE pre-planned atrocities instead of end them – that it leaves open the option of harming non-innocent people. (Which merely takes the random out of ‘random acts of violence.’) But you know what? So be it. THE ONLY JUSTIFIED ABUSE IS COUNTERABUSE. The morally righteous ideology may be for everyone to just ‘forgive and forget,’ but that is not practical, and clashes head on with human nature – a nature most of us by far are not strong enough to bend to our will. Therefore, let those abused abuse their abusers in turn. (Read that again. I know it’s written confusingly.) If they want to risk the consequences of acting out their vengeance on their own abusers, then more power to them, but we should only shame those whose violence is NOT a counterabuse. Give a man an out to vent his anger and pain – just make sure he knows that venting said anger and pain cannot and will not be done on innocents, AKA those who had nothing to do with his personal hurt and current dark thoughts. I realize that this solution may be but a Band-aid to a gaping wound, but it is a Band-aid we haven’t used before, and when it comes down to it, a Band-aid is better than nothing.

The only justified abuse is counterabuse. To attack innocent people is WEAK. Disgusting. Repulsive. Shameful. This must be taught to our children, our teenagers, our young adults, all of us. How? In school, in the media, with propaganda. We must all adopt it. We must all believe it. We must all live it. And so will end the random violence.

The Vandal


After working very hard for months and months, Erics new book is now finally out. Its available as an e-book on Smashwords The Vandal for free.

“There’s not a dull page to be found in this wild, sexual and hilarious tale of teenage angst. It’s Fight Club meets the Boondock Saints. Only less appropriate. And with more sex. And funnier.”



Ask Asher …


Author: Yolanda

A few days ago I spoke to Asher about Manic Monkey and how we can make the site more interesting for our followers / readers / friends. We came up with the idea of making Manic Monkey more interactive by giving our friends a chance to ask questions to Asher. Soooo, if there is ANYTHING you always wanted to know about Asher (which is not already in his book Why Miller Turned Killer), about his life in prison, or prison life in general here is your chance. Or maybe there is some (every day) situation you want Ashers opinion or advise on? Here is your chance! Asher has told me he will give the best answers to the questions that he can “speckled with some humor and his general badass charm” (those were HIS words).
You can send your questions thru “Leave a Comment” on this topic OR email me at our Facebook Page. I will collect and send all your questions to Asher and once he answers them, both Question and Answer will be posted on Manic Monkey and Facebook. The idea is to make a section “Ask Asher” with the Questions and Ashers Answers.