Ask Asher …


Author: Yolanda

A few days ago I spoke to Asher about Manic Monkey and how we can make the site more interesting for our followers / readers / friends. We came up with the idea of making Manic Monkey more interactive by giving our friends a chance to ask questions to Asher. Soooo, if there is ANYTHING you always wanted to know about Asher (which is not already in his book Why Miller Turned Killer), about his life in prison, or prison life in general here is your chance. Or maybe there is some (every day) situation you want Ashers opinion or advise on? Here is your chance! Asher has told me he will give the best answers to the questions that he can “speckled with some humor and his general badass charm” (those were HIS words).
You can send your questions thru “Leave a Comment” on this topic OR email me at our Facebook Page. I will collect and send all your questions to Asher and once he answers them, both Question and Answer will be posted on Manic Monkey and Facebook. The idea is to make a section “Ask Asher” with the Questions and Ashers Answers.