About Manic Monkey & Friends

Eric Christopher Miller (the Monkey himself, aka Asher) is a talented comic & writer from behind bars. Housed in the Iowa State Penitentiary, Eric works with his friends in the outside world to communicate his thoughts in the form of his “funnies” and his ebooks  “Why Miller Turned Killer“, “The Vandal“, and “Murder? You be the judge.” In addition to trying to bring the world a laugh and shed some light on a flawed legal system, Eric has had this website created in order to highlight the talents of his friends in the form of art and the written word, as well as to discuss issues plaguing society today. Feel free to join Eric on this journey, and feel free to get in touch with him through this site in order to learn more about his case and to show your support.



Asher 2014

Eric 2014

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